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Truth in
King Arthur's Court


Truth in King Arthur's Court

Excalibur is the Two Edged Sword
Of Excaliber and Excaliper,
Of Worthlessness and Worth Beyond Measure,
Of Omni No-Class and Omni Out-Class.

Those who can handle the spectrum live.

A Wizard is anyone who is a Wiz with the Sword.

The Sword is stuck in the Star Rock of your Mind by
Your Own Present Time Operational Wizardry.
A King is anyone who can Free and Wield
The Sword of Excalibur
for themselves and for others.

King Arthur was able to pull the Sword out of the Rock,
because he was willing to put it back in again so that
others might try. Those others would not have
been so willing, so they couldn't pull it out at all.

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