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Justice of Caliber

William Blake

Justice of Caliber

Justice of Caliber is The Kind Ship Excaliper

Caliber means Worth, via
Harmonies and Kindship, Sensitivity and Intelligence,
Star Cap(tain)ability, and Operating Know-How.

Calipers measure Caliber.

The Caliper of the Caliber of Souls is
The Questions they have Asked, and
The Answers they have Rejected.

Ex Caliber means Calipers without Caliber to Measure.
Ex Caliper means Caliber without Calipers to Measure.

Ex Caliber means without Worth.
Ex Caliper Means Worth beyond Measure.

Kingship is Kindship, the Kind Ship of a King.
The Kind Ship of a King is,
Kin Dom, Kind Dom, and King Dom.

The Domain of the Kin,
The Domain of Operating Kindness,
and the Domain of the Land.

Royalty is Loyalty to Kindship.

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